Mujhe Hai Hukum-e-Azan

Title Name: Mujhe Hai Hukum-e-Azan ( Ep-18 ) ( Hum-Tv PRODUCTION) Written By: Erum Wasih Shah Directed By: Ahmed Ali & Furqan Khan Produced By: Imran Abbas & Mehmood Bashir CD/DVD: 3-DVD
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Title Name:    Mujhe Hai Hukum-e-Azan  ( Ep-18 ) ( Hum-Tv PRODUCTION) 

Written By:    Erum Wasih Shah  

Directed By:  Ahmed Ali & Furqan Khan  

Produced By:  Imran Abbas & Mehmood Bashir  

Cast:   Khayam Sarhadi, Zahid Qureshi, Hina Dilpazir, Imran Abbas, Juggan Kazmi, Tooba Siddique, Mehreen Raheel, Sohail Sameer, Tasneem Qaiser, Fariha Jabeen, Ayesha Omar, Faiza Gillani, Sara Gillani, Nawal Ilyas, Binita  

Language:         urdu  

Presented By: M-Record's PRODUCTION  

Release By:       CD-BANK  

CD/DVD:           3-DVD   

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Mujhe Hai Hukum-e-Azan:- Imam Rashid Hastmat-ud-Din;s family consists of his wife Fakhara two daughters Salma and Naseema Son fahad and niece Lakshan, an orphan brought up by Imam Sahib.Lakshan loves Fahad but Fahad is ignorant of the face and considers her a good friend. Imam Sahib is extremely strict with his family, Which is why Fahad does not share with him desire to become an RJ and takes up the job without his knowledge. However Imam Sahib discovers Fahad's Secret and in a fit of rage, throws him out of his house. Fahad leaves the country and gets a job as an RJ in Malaysia. The younger daughter Nafeesa, Loves the next door neighbour's son Zain, and wants to marry him, but she too, is afraid to share her passion with her father, and gets married on the sly. When Imam Sahib learns about their marriage, he is so livid that he takes an action that changes the lives of his family forever. Meanwhile, Fahad meets a Hindu girl,Samarn, who declares her love for him when he is leaving far his homeland. The Story takes an a twist and the family finds itself at a crossroads. In order to discover which path the family follows, watch the gripping serial Mujhse hai Hukum-e-Azan. ( Hum-Tv PRODUCTION)

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